Saturday, January 4, 2014

Now I Remember...

What happens when you spend $6 on pizza ingredients that turns out terrible? In Linda's case, she is going to eat it anyway.  If she would just read this blog, she would have remembered that the last thing she made that came out less than great was a homemade pizza.  The toppings were really good.  All fresh ingredients: basil, spinach, Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and marinara sauce.  From now on she is going to buy the ready-made dough from Trader Joe's and not mess with trying to do it herself. 
Crust: part soggy, part overcooked and all bland

Sarah makes amazing pizza dough! Linda will have to ask her for the recipe.

Linda spent the last 1/2 hour checking out treadmill reviews online.  She really, really wants to get one for the house.  I know, you think since she is working at a gym 6 days a week and has access to lots of different kinds, why even want a treadmill in your house? They are expensive (for a good one) and it would take up a big chunk of the family room.  Plus, it would probably scare Chimi into a nervous breakdown from Linda running on the belt.  See, she just talked herself out of seriously looking for one.. unless she finds an amazing deal on Craiglist!  A few of the top of the line new models cost as much as her Kia Soul (and probably handle better in the snow!)