Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Could it really have been 114 degrees in Linda's car?  It seems like a lifetime past, but it was only two summers ago when she took this picture. Given the choice of being sweltering and being frozen, Linda would pick sweltering 100% of the time. Even though it has been this cold (or colder in the single digits) the past month, for some reason it seems way worse to her the last few days.  She is just freezing right to the bone.  The heat is set on 70; but it feels so cold in the house she keeps checking to see if she left the sliding glass door open or the air conditioner kicked on.  If she watches TV or reads, she wears her parka and a scarf.  Getting in and out of the shower is just brutal.  Maybe our heat isn't working right.  If she turns it up just a few degrees, it gets super warm.. fast.  As long as she keeps in around 68 or 70, the house is an igloo.  The anticipation of a double or triple increase in the electric bill is forcing her to keep the thermostat set low.  If only we had a fireplace she would probably spend the night in a sleeping bag right on the floor in front of the toasty flames. 
Chimi knows the secret to keeping warm.  Stay pressed up against Linda at all times.
"Get in my belly Chalupa!"
Linda found this old picture of Snickers having a Chalupa snack.  Look what a giant beast he was!  He was the most gentle and protective dog ever.  Part of the reason that Linda picked Chimi to adopt was because they have the same exact coloring. They could have been father and son.  (Totally different personalities though.) 
It still makes her sad that he is gone