Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pot calling the kettle red

As Julia Child once quoted "Aways start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.”   Linda had to throw out her big pot because it was so old, probably used for 30 years or more.  That wouldn't be old if it was a really good pot, but it was a cheap pot to begin with.  She found one she liked yesterday, but it was $179.  I don't think Julia Child even needs a stock pot that costs almost $200.  This pretty pot was only $49.   It's super well made and the bright color will make Linda happy every time she cooks with it. 
Choopie for scale
After her morning class, she met Tierney for lunch and some shopping.  Shopping with Tierney is always a fun and an interesting experience.  Whenever they shop together, Tier always saves Linda so much money.  "Mom, you don't need that!"  Of course Tierney having 23 navy dresses in her closet is totally different. 
This was how Chimi stared at Tierney the whole time she was at our house