Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tres Bien Crepes

Little French Bear from Starbucks.  Linda has every single Starbucks bear released (from our area) since 2001.
Another recipe success.  This time it is not a healthy quinoa; roasted veggies, or sauteed spinach creation.  Linda had some bananas that were turning brown, so she googled "ripe banana" recipes. As soon as she saw this one; she got a huge craving for Chocolate Chip Banana pancakes.  It's been years and years since she made pancakes.  These were amazing!  She cooked them really small (the plate is a tea cup saucer) so dinner wouldn't be 1,000 calories.  The rest of the pancakes got packaged up and frozen for future splurges.  Both Chim and I begged for a bite but chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so we didn't get any.  So sad.
Emo Chimi
Such emotional eyes
Snickers had the same coloring as Chimi.  We still miss him.