Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Baaaack

Remember when I posted that Chim's little white dog friend (enemy?) who lives behind us moved? Well, it's back.  The pup was gone at least 2 weeks and Linda really thought they moved.  Chimi was napping the other day and woke up with a start.  He perked his ears, tensed his body and raced 100 miles per hour to the sliding glass door.  Linda knew right then the poof dog was back!  It wasn't even barking or making noise, I think he can just hear the dog walking in the backyard.  Like always, Chimi went crazy running along the fence line and jumping 5' high.  The little dog just stands there staring at the fence like a statue and never shows any emotion whatsoever.  Maybe they went on vacation and the dog was off somewhere in a kennel.  The dog doesn't get walked, so I don't think we ever have actually seen him during one of our outings. I wonder what Chimi would do if they came face to face without a fence separating them?
"Did you hear that?? Lemme out!!"
 Linda is sorry if her annoying decorations post about the blinking lights, loud music and blow-up 6' mechanical reindeer hurt anyone's feelings.  Maybe the majority of the blog readers have their yard adorned just like that.  Seriously, its great that people can decorated however they want in their own yards without the Santa Police coming to tell them to tone it down.  If she doesn't like our strobe lighted living room, she should just go out and buy room darkening shades... which is exactly what she is going to do.  Also, she can read and study in the bedroom in the evening until January. 
"Where's my present??"