Monday, December 23, 2013

So Sweet


"I'm smiling with my eyes Nana"
It is getting harder and harder to get Penelope interested in having her photo taken.  When she was little, it was easier to get her in a candid natural face and she loved the iPhone camera.  Now she likes to "pose" doing a fake smile, silly face or she just looks at you like you are annoying.
Look at those chubby little hands!

Last night was the Christmas pageant/skit at church.  Linda was on the stage holding one of the babies, so she doesn't have any pictures of the festivities.  She did get to see Penny while she was performing her songs. The 1-2 year old kids were dressed up as gingerbread men.  The 3-4 year old were little cooks and bakers.  They were all so adorable.  The infants were even dressed up as polar bears and candy canes!

Penny wouldn't wear the gingerbread hat that went with the outfit

 So far, Linda has had a fun day.  Her morning Pump and Combat class were both really crowded today since so many people were off work.  On the way home from the gym, she stopped at the grocery store to get food for Christmas brunch.  There was a big sale on over-ripe bananas, so she bought a bunch to make banana bread.  Since the kitchen was already messy from baking the bread, she decided to make cookies.. and more cookies... and more cookies.  Three hours later, this is the results:
Three loaves of chocolate chip banana bread; Reeses' peanut butter cup cookies; chocolate Rolo stuffed cookies; Ghirardelli (sp?) white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies and coconut chocolate crinkle cookies.  These aren't even all of them, there were more baking in the oven when she took the photo.  She'll be making up little gift boxes for her friends and family tomorrow.  (Of course she kept out some of each kind for her own personal cookie jar!)

This is Linda... except for the recipe part.  She is always making Pintrest recipes!

After all that baking and cookie tasting Linda took Chimi out for a run.  He did great today and kept up with her.  The last mile he even ran pretty fast.  When he got home though he was licking and whining at one of his paws, so he might have either stepped on something or his nail is hurting him. 
As soon as Linda sat on the chair, he snuggled up with her and seemed much better.