Saturday, December 28, 2013

Run #1 of many

Linda did her first Garmin run today.  She still doesn't really understand all the features, but she was able to do the time/pace and calories/distance.   Wow, wearing the watch made her run so much faster because she is so competitive.    The route she chose was hilly and steep in spots, but she kept up the same pace as on the flats.  At one point she had a huge stitch in her upper right side and almost felt like she was going to get sick. (Eating white pizza and Cesar salad for lunch at The Don's right before your run probably isn't that smart.)  Tomorrow she will get up and run some more before church.

The rest of the day is going to be spent learning her new Pump/Combat routines and cleaning the house.  Maybe later this evening she'll take Chimi and see how fast they can walk a 5K.   Today she mapped out one 5K route and can't wait to do some more in our neighborhood.

Somehow I forgot to post this adorable picture of Penny in her Christmas dress.  She looks so adorable!  Sarah also sent these photos of Taylor teaching Penny to ride her new bike.  She doesn't quite have the idea of keeping her feet on the pedals yet, but she loves to be pushed and ring the ding-ding bell!
"Show me how Daddy!"
Remotes for Dummies
Linda is having all sorts of TV remote problems.  One of the remotes works 1/2 way and the other identical one from downstairs works 1/2 way.  Luckily both have different buttons broken, so together she can get the TV turned on and the channels changed.   This is what Taylor needs to do at his house when Linda goes over to watch Penny.  Turning on their TV takes 3 remotes and is the most complicated task ever.