Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Deal

It's been a relaxing kind of day for everyone.  Linda taught a Pump and Combat early this morning,  but all her other classes were canceled.  She did chores, grocery shopping, studied, and made a big pot of vegetarian chili.  She also tried to do an outside run with Chimi, but he was too slow and it was really cold.  At least she was able to track a new one mile route in the neighborhood (loving the Garmin!) The lap routes are boring, but  she can drop Chimi off at the house and keep going if he isn't cooperating. I ran and hid when the leashes came out.  I'm a very strange pup most of the time.  I prefer to be alone.

This is so Linda with me!  I hate being cuddled but she seems to think I love it.
What a deal!
Linda picked up this great leash for Chimi today at Tuesday Morning.  It was $24.99, on sale for $11.99 and then it was 90% off.  She would have bought more, but that was the last one.  $1.19 for a brand new flexi leash? Yes please!! I'll get his old one because mine is so small that Linda can only fit two fingers in the handle and has trouble even holding it when she is wearing gloves.

Probably not a deal at all
With all the money Linda saved on the leash, she might be able to totally redo her kitchen.  She loves the white cabinets, stainless and granite/wall colors!  She just needs to add a few extra zeros to her savings and she could afford this.