Monday, December 16, 2013

A PR and Headache

Yesterday, Linda finally got fed up with all the fur hanging down into my eyes and she gave me a hair trim just around my face.  On Thursday she is going to use the clippers and groom all my fur.  The worse that could happen is that she messes it up and I have to go to the groomers anyway.
This is the after picture! Ha! I still look straggly.

Two other things happened yesterday, one good and one not so good.  The good thing was that the very first time Linda set out to run her 5K under 30 minutes, she succeeded!  The time would have been better than 29:58, but she fast walked (at 4.5) the first 3 minutes to warm up, then started running.  When she realized that she might actually be under 30 minutes, she cranked it up and pushed hard the last 3 minutes. A personal record.. Yay!  By the time she slowed way down and got her iPhone out to take a picture, it was already a little past the 3.1 mile/29.58 reading.  The next goal is to warm-up before she presses the 5.K button and try to shave a few minutes off the time before she ups the incline.

The not so good thing that happened was that Linda had a horrible headache. Tierney has had migraines for years, but Linda has never suffered more than a bad headache.   It started with a halo-like blurry vision in the outer part of her left eye and the eye was actually drooping. (She thought she might be having a stroke or something, so she googled the symptoms!)  She also got really confused and disoriented. The daylight coming through the window was hurting her eyes and then the piercing pain started.  Two hours later the terrible pain behind her eye and left side of her head was gone and all that was left was a regular headache but she was really, really tired.  She is believing that is the one and only attack like that she ever gets. 
Chim is such a snuggler.