Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sugar high and running faster

"Try eating more sugar Nana, that will make you run faster!"
Penny had her first cookie Thursday evening.  Instead of Elmo, her new favorite Sesame Street character will probably be the Cookie Monster!  She was crazy happy while she was eating it and then ran around the house for an hour with a sugar high after.  Penny always asks for fruit and healthy treats as snacks.  Mostly grapes, apples, bananas, pumpkins (little oranges) and cheese when she wants something to eat.  For meals she loves soup, eggs, all meats and cheese.  Now that she knows about cookies, that all might change. 
This was just a few months ago, look how much she has grown!
Linda is really focusing on trying to increase her running speed.  She is so slow compared to other runners at the gym, but soooo much faster than everyone who just sits on the couch watching TV or surfing the net.  That's what she keeps telling herself anyway.  She actually has never been a fan of running because of rehabbing through 5 knee surgeries.  It wasn't until this year that she actually tried to run for time/distance.  The goal now is to finish her 5K's in 30 minutes. Some days she is only able to squeeze in 2 fifteen minute treadmill runs before, between or after her classes.  On days that she isn't teaching a lot of classes in a row, she is doing it all at once.  If her dumb shoes would stop coming untied, she would probably get closer to her goal because she has to stop the treadmill at least twice to retie them. Linda has been googling different tying methods so she doesn't have to keep hopping off the treadmill.  Maybe she'll actually hit the jackpot and discover a way that really works for her. Or she can just buy light up shoes to make her run faster!