Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bah Humbug

Don't get me wrong, we love Christmas and all it represents.  The family time, buying that special gift you know will be appreciated and celebrating with carols and pageants at church.  What Linda doesn't like is crazy, tacky decorations.  If you read the post last year, you will know how she feels. There was a house in our neighborhood that put up a million lights and blasted music over outside speakers. It would annoy her so much that she changed her usual route to avoid it. 
It's not this bad though, thank goodness.
Well, as of this weekend, there will be no avoiding the flashing lights and music.. even when we are inside our house. The people across the street have giant blow-up creatures, covered their roof, siding and lined the driveway and hedges with blinking lights and the worst.. they are playing music outside!  When Linda sits in her favorite chair during her nightly quite time, she can see the flashing lights and faintly hear the fah-la-la-la-las.  It just makes her tense and unhappy.  I know 99% of the people reading this blog will think she is crazy for being upset, but that is just the way she rolls.  Pretty trees are nice, wreaths and candles in the windows look OK too.  Santa and all the reindeer landing on your roof and every square inch of lawn covered in blow-up snowmen.. not her cup of tea.

p.s.  She just looked outside and the house, the entire house, is completely dark!  Not even a porch light or one inside lamp is on.  Maybe they blew their circuits!  Now she feels bad.