Sunday, December 8, 2013

Angels working overtime

As much as Linda loves her little Kia Soul car, it's TERRIBLE on the snow and ice.  It could be that she is just a bad driver, but in all the years she had her all-wheel drive Subaru, she never had any winter driving issues.  The worst snow and ice storms were never a problem in her trusty Subaru.  Today she was driving home from church and almost had two accidents.  It had just started snowing and the roads were covered in a dusting of snow.  She started breaking slowly as she approached a red light but the car didn't stop. The breaks made "clunk, clunk" sounds and didn't work at all!  The car slid sideways right into the intersection.  Thank God no one was coming through the cross street or there wasn't a car in front of her because it would have been bad.   She was only a mile from home, and drove the rest of the way 10 miles per hour.  All was good until she pulled into the driveway and almost slid right into the garage door. 
"I'm so glad you're OK Nana!"
Linda has nursery tonight at church so she is going to venture back out in a bit.  If she slips and slides in her neighborhood, she'll just come back home.  Hopefully there won't be too many babies and the other 3 ladies on duty will be able to make it in OK.