Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Early Naps and Nautical Coats

Linda broke the record today for taking the earliest nap ever.  I woke her up O'dark30 because I had to go outside.  She can never fall back asleep once she is out of bed, so she just stayed up.  Everything was going fine until about 8:00 a.m. when she kind of crashed.  Since she didn't have to teach until 10:00, she had time to take a quick 30 minute nap.  It worked wonders.  All the people in her class said she was super hyper and energetic teaching.  Yay for naps!
Linda bought herself a Christmas present.  It's always something she needs (like running shoes, a vacuum or blender) but his year she saw this coat online and fell in love with it.  The original price was $210, but it was on sale for $80 and free shipping.  It even came in tall sizes. The coat is really beautiful and very nicely made.  The only problem is its too big and the sleeves are too long. Before she returns it, she is going to take it to a tailor to see if the sleeves can be shortened and both rows of buttons can be moved over and centered.  

Tierney is coming over our house tonight for a Christmas eve sleepover.  Linda got her old room (her really old room, not the one she slept in when she was a teenager) ready.  Back in the day, Tierney and Taylor wanted to move their upstairs bedrooms to the two downstairs bedrooms.  Tierney decorated her room in 101 Dalmatians and Taylor chose Space Jam.  After one freezing winter down there, they decided it was much warmer upstairs and moved back to their original rooms.  Linda has the portable heater warming the bedroom now, so she should be fine. 

All the Christmas cookies are on pretty trays and wrapped up.  There were enough left to make two more packages, but she only bought 4 trays.  The $Dollar$ store is only a 20 minute jog away and she is thinking about taking her run to the store and back.  Pretty soon she has to start getting ready for the Christmas eve Praise and Worship celebration at her friend Laura's church, so she'll really have to run fast if she decides to go. 
The middle tray in the back isn't wrapped as pretty since they are just going to Sarah's and Taylor's for Christmas snacks after present opening.