Saturday, December 21, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Just a few more days until Christmas.  Linda has all her shopping done and is going to put everything into gift bags tonight.  This is the first year she didn't buy any gifts for us.  Since she has to go to the store in a little bit to buy food for the church Christmas party, she might just get us each a new toy.  Something in the $4-5 range.  Anything more expensive is a waste of money since Chimi will probably destroy both toys before Christmas night is even over. 

These were a few of my favorite toys.. after Chimi found my hiding spot
Linda is kind of being a cheapskate.  A recent survey found out that 75% of pet owners buy their furry pals gifts.  Half of those spend $50 a pet and 15% will spend $75 per gift!  What?  That is just craziness.  Some pets get gift certificates for paw massages, aromatherapy and Dead Sea mud baths.  Can you imagine someone trying to give Chimi a mud bath?  Ha!!  If spa treatments are not high on your pets wish list, you could spend $200 to take them to a pet psychic.  The psychic shows pictures to the dog and can translate what the dog is thinking.  That's super easy, why pay $200 a session.  If Linda shows us the box of cookies, she knows exactly what we are thinking... "We want a cookie."  

I could really use a deep fur conditioning treatment though