Thursday, December 26, 2013

Play Date

There is no reason for Linda to be as tired as she has been today.  Even though she took a 2 hour nap from 1-3 p.m., she is fighting to stay awake at 8:30.  She doesn't feel sick or worn-down, just the regular "I want to go to bed right now" kind of tired. 

One of Linda's Christmas presents from Penny was another calendar.  Linda loved the one from last year, this one has lots of new adorable pictures.  This year Sarah even included pictures on special dates.
Check out who has a birthday on October 11th!
Penny loves playing with her blocks that Linda gave her.  During their play date today, they built a tower so tall that Penny couldn't even reach the top.  As soon as it was finished, Penny knocked it down and said "OH NO! Fell Down!" 
Penny got a new bike for Christmas.  Linda pushed her around the house since it was too cold to go outside. You can tell by her happy face that she loves it!  Her feet don't reach the pedals yet, but she rings the bell and can steer.

"Let's just stay up a little longer please"