Monday, December 2, 2013

Mad enough to spit

That's a weird saying, mad enough to spit.  Linda actually googled it and it's really "mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets."  Well, that's about how mad she is.  Tonight after work she opened the Cox cable bill and saw they charged her a hefty-hefty service charge for the repair man to come and fix what the last two repair man messed up!  Seriously!!  Plus, right now she is on hold with Cox listening to "all representatives are busy helping other callers, please hold for the next available representative." She knows the recording by heart since she has listened to it for at least an two hours over the last few weeks waiting for a live person to help her.  She just needs to relax and breath deeply.  Stressing over stuff like this is useless and will only make it worse.
While she was on hold, she started looking at old pictures on the laptop and calmed down.  Remember Chip?  She was such a lovey-dovey kitty.  These were some of our old beds that I loved.  Then Chimi came to live with us and he ate them all.  There is a little scrap of the pink and black bed out in the backyard, but the other two were shredded beyond recognition. 

Finally, a real person named Don came on the line.  Before she started explaining, she apologized in advance if she sounded mean or upset because its obviously not the fault of the people who answer the phones.  Bottom line, the service charge was removed and she got a $100 credit applied to her future bills for all her cable trials.  Maybe she should have pressed for a bigger discount, but she really just wanted to get off the phone and enjoy the rest of her evening.

On to happier news... Linda's back is 100% healed!  No pain, no stiffness and no spasms at all today.  Today she taught a Body Pump; Body Combat; two TKD classes; ran on the W&OD trail for 30 minutes and did 30 minutes on the Precor machine at the YMCA.   (If she had an extra $4,000 (plus shipping) she would buy a Precor for her house.  You can take long strides, short strides, go up and down and backwards.  Her heart rate got up to 140, which is high for her working out on a machine.)
Another thing that made her happy was her new Nike Pro Hyperwarm Series running tights that came in the mail today.  Over the 35 plus years she has bought workout tights, these are by far the best pair she has ever worn.  Her legs were really warm running the trail, the waist didn't slip down while she ran and they were long enough (at 5'10" that's a big issue for her.)  Plus they are really soft.

This isn't a selfie, don't worry.  (Although she wishes those here her abs!) 
As soon as shes done here typing is going online and buying 2 more pairs.  From now on, these will be her winter workout tights.  Go buy some right now.  Update: Never mind, don't go buy them now.  They cost $15 more than last week when Linda ordered them online. For some reason Nike is excluded in Dick's and the Sports Authority Cyber Monday sales.  Go figure. She'll wait until they go back on sale.

Lunch today was excellent. This time she roasted the veggies with an olive oil-lime-basil dressing.  The cous-cous was mixed with fresh pesto and spinach.  Yummy goodness..
and pretty to look at too!

Penelope really enjoyed shopping for their Christmas tree this year.  Linda will take a picture of it on Thursday when she goes over.  Finally, a Thursday she doesn't have to be home for the Cox Cable repair man!!