Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wind Sprints

What an amazing day!  It feels like spring instead of the first day of winter.  Yay!  Even though Jerry took Chim and I for a walk while Linda taught until 1:30; she still took Chimi out for a run when she got home.  It's been a long time since hes done anything other than walk on the leash, so it was a huge learning curve again.  Linda almost face planted twice on the sidewalk because he stopped in his tracks and flattened out when leaves blew across the sidewalk.  After 10 minutes, she looped around and bought him back home since he was so spastic.  Linda is still new to running, and is trying out different things.  Today she sprinted as hard as she could from mailbox to mailbox.  In between sprints she ran slow, but never walked.  Plus, our neighborhood is hilly and it was really windy.  Sprinting uphill into the wind is WAY different than running on a treadmill.  She still did a total of 36 minutes.  Since she doesn't have a pedometer anymore, she isn't sure how many miles it was, but was the hardest she has ever run!

If the weather is still nice early tomorrow morning, she is going to run outside instead of going to the gym.  There is a high school track down the street, so she might actually do her run there so she can do some more speed work and know the milage.  Her butt and legs are going to be pretty sore, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?