Friday, December 6, 2013

Nobody's Perfect

The other day Linda was running on the treadmill at Gold's.  There was a lady right in front of her on the stair-mill (the moving escalator) who was talking on her cell phone and not paying a bit of attention.  She went tumbling right off the back of it.  The best part was that she continued talking on the cell and didn't drop the phone as she fell!  Pretty talented, way more than Linda was today while she was working out on the mill.  Linda really never used it before, but she thought she would try it.  On the elliptical, she usually presses 10 or 12 for the speed as soon as she gets on.  She found out the hard way its not the same on the stair mill!  She was sprinting to keep up with the spinning steps, but the speed-down button wasn't working fast enough so she had to hop off to the little rails on the sides!! It was a near disaster, but she was OK.  Just embarrassed.   You have to get right back on the horse when you fall, right?  She figured the settings out and got a pretty good workout! 

On a completely different subject, this video of amazing store mannequins made Linda tear up a little bit, and it's not even about dogs being reunited with soldiers.  Then to make herself feel happy, she watched this hysterical dog post.  Some of them are older, but she still laughed a bunch of times. This would so be me swimming!