Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2 Snowmen and a sticky situation

A few weeks ago, one of Linda's favorite bowls broke in the dishwasher.  It is a handmade bowl that has a matching twin.  She has been meaning to fix it, but didn't have any glue.  Today she bought some Superglue.  The results were less than what she was hoping...way less.  The bowl is still broken, but she found out the glue is called Superglue for a reason.  When she screwed on the top to pierce the foil cover, the glue went spraying out the sides all over her hands! It was almost like the tube was under high pressure or something.  The only thing that got glued together was her fingers.  Even after googling "how to remove Superglue from your hands" then trying to soak her hands in nail polish remover; the glue is still there.  Next step is to file it off her skin with a rough nail file.

It's actually worse than it looks in the picture.  Oh well, it will eventually wear off right?  She's still determined to fix the bowl though and is not giving up.

A kind person on her street built this snowman at the bottom of an icy hill.  It's a good thing Linda slowed way down because there was black ice covering the intersection.  It might have saved more than one person from crashing.
Someone else built a snowman yesterday.  Sarah said Penny had so much fun!