Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Improvised Workouts

Another morning of snow, so Linda's classes were canceled (again!)  At this rate, her poor bank account will be crying when its time to pay bills, but she does love the days home.  She did get to teach 2 of her classes yesterday afternoon and did 55 minutes of cardio afterwards.  That worked up an appetite, so check out her dinner last night when she got home:
Salmon, cous cous and veggies
This morning since classes were canceled she decided to shovel for an hour.  She loaded up her new Body Pump 88 music on the iPod, put on her hyperwarm Nike running clothes, and headed out with the shovel.  The goal was to shovel for the entire CD, one hour.  I'm sure her neighbors will love coming home to completely cleared walkways, driveways and steps.  She even eventually did the road so the mailman can pull right up the the box! The tights and shirt are amazing, she was actually a little too warm (even without jeans over the tights!)  When she got back inside and took off her coat, her shirt was totally soaked in sweat. Next time she needs to wear just a fleece or sweatshirt over the outfit.   If her 3 night classes are canceled, she'll just have to go out and shovel some more of the neighborhood to get her workouts in!
Chim and I are NOT liking going out in the backyard.  She even shoveled part of the lawn so we wouldn't have to walk on the snow.  (Remember, my legs are 3" long so if we get any accumulation at all, my belly drags.  Chimi is just afraid when his paws sink under.) 

"Do we HAVE to go out?"