Friday, November 29, 2013

Yay for Pie!!

It was such a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving day for us.  Linda's back wasn't up to a hike, but she did go to the gym in the morning to stretch, foam roll and soak in the hot tub.  She had pretty bad spasms right up until 6:00 p.m. and then they totally stopped!  She was able to sleep without pain and woke up with just a little crick and tightness. 

Since Linda isn't a fan of the normal turkey-stuffing-gravy-cranberry sauce kinds of food, she decided to make exactly what she wanted and forgo feeling guilty about it. Check out her feast! 
A giant mushroom stuffed with Brussels sprouts, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers and quinoa.  Since it was a special day, she went all out and used lots of real cheese. Even though just eating vegetables might not everyone's cup of tea, she loved it.  Sarah's apple pie was also amazing.  She is really the queen of pie baking.  I wonder when Penelope will take up the rolling pin and make her first pie?  She's already helped Taylor make his famous chocolate chip cookies when she was just a wee baby.  On Thanksgiving night, the whole family snuggled on the couch munching desserts and watching National Velvet.  Did you know Elizabeth Taylor was only 12 when she filmed that movie?  Plus, her horses name was Pie which fit in with the desserts perfectly!

"I'm gonna sneak some chocolate chips while Dad's not looking"
Before she left to go to Taylor and Sarah's, the cable repairman came (on a holiday!) and fixed our TV reception.  Hopefully, three times the charm and its the last service call.  This problem was a cable that came "unhooked" in the attic.  The same exact place the repairman from last week was working. I think its more like he didn't actually hook up the downstairs TV instead of it came unhooked.  This guy was really nice and enjoyed playing with Chimi after he was done working.  Of course Chim thought he was the best visitor ever (like he does every single person who comes over!)

Since Linda took Wednesday off (and had Thursday off) she taught her three classes today, but kept everything very easy and light.  There were only two times she winced in pain and had to stop a second.  On Saturday shes getting a massage (a gift from a new friend.)  By Sunday, she hopes to get back to running.

"Please, no running...."