Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is what we are currently watching

About a month ago, Linda had to have the cable TV repairman come to the house because she wasn't getting any TV reception.  It had been going off and on for weeks, but she finally decided it was stupid to keep paying for cable when it didn't work.  Well, he fixed it great.. and it worked for exactly one day.  It's now more off than on and tonight it says "NO DATA" on any of the channels and all we have is the dreaded black screen. The past 3 weeks, Linda has tried to contact Cox service through live chat (all agents are always busy, no exceptions); online help (a million steps that never work); phone (the average 3 minute wait time on the recording has been upwards of 20 minutes before she hangs up) and email (we are sorry for your problem, would you like to buy more services from us?)  She is fed up and tired of terrible service.  Currently, she is on hold again for a service person.  Her cell phone has reached 15 minutes holding (remember,only a 3 minute wait!!)  

Finally, 32 minutes later...A live person!  Except nothing they could do could fix the signal.  Its too low coming into the house, its not a TV set or cable box issue. If she wants to keep Cox, they have to drill a hole into the house, attach a "booster" box and rewire everything.  Or... she could just cancel the TV cable reception all together.  Is there anything actually on TV worth watching?  She would still be able to watch older TV shows and movies on Netflix, so maybe that is the way to go.  The downstairs Fred Flintstone TV actually gets OK reception, its just the upstairs luxury 30" TV that doesn't work.  
Penny petting the fish at the aquarium is way better than a dumb TV show anyway
Plus, she could always just sync her photos from the laptop to the TV and watch a slide show of all her pictures. 
"Look, I'm flying in an air-a-plane Nana!