Sunday, November 24, 2013

See Linda Run. Run, run, run

Since all the other bloggers are talking about how cold it is, I'm going to throw in my two-cents.  It's cold.  Freezing.  The kind where it hurts a little to breath in deep.  Our walks are 10 minutes at the most and both Chim and I are not spending any extra time sniffing around the backyard.  Linda has some amazing coats, so she can keep warm. Two are LL Bean parkas, rated to keep you toasty -50 degrees zero.  The other warm coat is a lined hooded knee length dressy coat.  Plus she has a shelf of scarves, warm boots and one ski mitten and one ski glove.  Somehow she lost the matching pairs, but at least she has a right and left!
She has two of these, one 15 years old and one she got almost half price 3 years ago.  If you are one of those people who get cold, you need to order a Baxter State parka today.  (No this isn't a sponsored post, but Linda would love this coat in red if LL Bean is reading this blog!!)

This morning Linda went to the gym before church.  She had her best run ever!  Once she got going, she was able to bring the speed up to 7.5, which is super fast for her.  If her orthopedic surgeon knew she was running that fast with a metal and plastic knee replacement, he would probably yell at her.  Since she has absolutely no pain whatsoever in either one of her knees, she figures she might as well use them for what they were made for.
Linda's fast speed is most runners warm-up speed, but she is happy to be moving without pain