Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A flux capacitor would be handy

The Church skit on Sunday night was really great!  The was the first time in a few years that Linda actually saw the live production, and not the dress rehearsal.  (Skits usually fall on the Sunday night she is in the nursery.)  Seeing it with other people in the audience laughing and applauding made it seem more exciting, but she also didn't get to take lots of photos of the actors in action and funny bloopers from right in front of the stage.   The play was taken from "Back to the Future" except it was "Back to the Bible."  The prop team built a DeLorean, complete with the car doors that open up, and time machine working parts!  (Well, not really working as in time-transporting, but they looked realistic and made noise or flashed lights.)  The message was spot-on and it was so funny at times everyone was cracking up RITA (rolling in the aisles- Linda just made that up.)  Tierney had so many costume changes that Linda can't even remember them all.  These are shots from Tier's FB.

Snow White and Flapper Girl have the same pout
The skit should be posted to You Tube soon, so Linda will post the link on the blog if it happens.

Last nights drive home from work was so long and frustrating Linda had to keep remembering to breath deep and stay relaxed.  She is so spoiled by her commutes being short and easy with no traffic. It took her 8 minutes to get to the gym at 3:15 yesterday and 50 minutes to get home at 6:30.  The same exact route!  She is thinking it was because 1) Daylight savings time caused it to be really dark already. 2) Maybe people are having to work later to get caught up because of the government shut downs. 3) This might have been the real issue: Today is Election Day which means last night there were 1,000's of political signs stuck in the median of the parkway she drives on.  Some clown (not Jeffery in the above photo) made crazy homemade painted signs about Nixon, Clinton, and Bush and different accusations against each one.  Traffic was only going 5 miles an hour when it wasn't stopped, but people were stopping anyway to take pictures out of their car windows.  The signs didn't even have a candidate on them, it was just a weirdo venting his views.  A flux capacitor would have been nice to transport Linda from the gridlock to her house.

The second parkway she turns onto was at a standstill because of construction closing one lane.  She could have ridden her bike (or ran) the total 4 miles faster then it took her to drive.

(Something is either wrong with Blogger uploading photos, or something is wrong with the laptop because the computer is freezing when Linda tries to add any more pictures... so you don't get today's Penny picture until later.  Sorry.)