Monday, November 18, 2013

Road Stress

Sleeping off the stress
Chimi had a rough day.  All he wanted to do tonight was cuddle with Linda on her lap and stay under the covers.  The road workers were making a lot of noise; driving their work pickup trucks on the sidewalk; and the smell of the hot tar made him woozy.  Linda tried to walk him a few times, but he was too scared and just wanted to go home. I wouldn't even come near the front door so she didn't try to take me out at all.  It's a good thing we have such a big fenced backyard for us to roam around in when we don't get a walk.  There are dogs in our neighborhood who never, ever get taken on walks.  Its so sad.  Two houses across the street have dogs and in all the years they've lived there, Linda never has seen them out for a walk.

Penny and Sarah made some pretty Christmas ornaments today.  Sarah sent this photo of Penny practicing hanging the stars.  Now they just have to go cut down their tree!  She'll be so excited to decorate this year since she can help.
I love how she buttoned her sweater crooked and is wearing zebra P.J's.  She was so funny the other night when they came over.  Her feet get hot, so she has to take her shoes and socks off.  She insisted Linda take her slippers off too, and proceeded to help her remove them throughout the visit.  "Off, Nana.  Shoes off!" 

"When will our road be back to normal??"