Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A little better

Linda has been totally resting her back, icing and heating and lightly trying to stretch all day.  She is slightly bent over and leaning to the left, but the intense pain when she moves is gone.  If she lays on her stomach on the floor, she can't even get her elbows on the ground in front of her (modified cobra pose.)  One stretch that has helped is standing in a doorway and holding on to the door frame.  If she slightly leans forward, it feels like its helping her to be able to stand up straighter.  Tomorrow she is going to take it super easy.  There are a lot of exercises on the internet that help.  This is a few of them you are supposed to do do relieve your back pain:
Sure, totally doable when you can't stand up straight
 I think if this woman had lower back pain like Linda does she would not be doing these stretches. 
"I'm so bored..."
Chimi is bummed because he hasn't had any walks today.  He keeps looking at her with sad eyes and sighing. Plus, dogs can tell when their humans are not feeling well.  I've been napping on Linda's lap off and on which I never do anymore.  It's making her feel a little happier.  She was disappointed that she stayed home from church tonight. It's the annual Thanksgiving sharing service.  You have to come prepared with lots of tissues because there will be weeping hearing the amazing testimonies.  Hopefully the service will be on a CD so she can listen to it.
You can't feel sad with puppies on your lap!