Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chores won

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the kind you just want to spend outside.  Linda was going back and forth between running on the trail, or riding her bike the 4 miles to the library to pick up a book she ordered.  She ended up doing something completely different.  Last night she emptied all the kitchen cabinets onto the floor and cleaned, organized and rearranged them.  Then after lunch today, she decided to quick tackle the kitchen junk draw.  There were so many treasures, but mostly junk.  She did find some missing car keys to the Subaru that she sold a few years ago.  Since she was cleaning, she decided to empty the hall coat closet and redo that.  Once Linda starts cleaning, she gets on a roll.  Next, she emptied her clothes closet in the master bedroom.  She sorted for charity, trash and stuff she wanted to keep.  Then she switched out all the pairs of flip-flops/sandals (so sad!) for her winter shoes. 

Who in the world would have a two story closet?  This would be pretty amazing though, wouldn't it Tierney? 
After folding and putting away 2 loads of laundry, she checked the clock and it was only 1 hour before she had to get ready for evening church.  Oh well, at least we got our walks earlier with PW while she was meeting Tier for breakfast and going to Sunday morning service. (Her church has 2 services on Sunday, just like the old-school churches.  Yay!  (I know your jealous Laura.. but you can come anytime and visit!)