Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back Woes

"Try this stretch Nana, it helps my back"
Linda was just commenting to friend on Monday that her back has never felt better.  For the last 5-6 years, Linda has had on and off back issues.  Some so severe that she can't stand up straight or take the steps in a normal fashion.  It leveled off to just pain when sitting, standing or laying down for longer than 15 minutes.  That is something she can (and has) lived with.  There was no pain at all during movement.  Walking, Body Pump, Body Combat, running, stretching all were strangely pain free.  It is only when she is inactive for any period of time that her back hurts. 
This is totally true for Linda

Yesterday she taught her Sculpt class and felt great.  She taught a TKD class and felt great.  She did a half hour of foam rolling and stretching. She taught her Body Combat class and felt super-great.  Even the jumps and kicks were easy and pain-free.  Right after Combat she runs down the hall to immediately teach Aqua boot camp.  Linda teaches most of the classes from the pool deck so people can see what she is doing.  Half-way through class her shoe came untied.  She bent over to tie it and WHAM! her lower back seized up.  It felt like someone slipped a knife in her back.  Not only was she frozen bent over, she couldn't even move 1".  There is a chair that she uses to show suspension (or feet not touching the bottom of the pool) movements, so she eased into a sitting position and kept calling out moves.  Nope.  It got so bad she couldn't take a breath without pain and then she started crying... right in front of the class. There was only 2 people and 1 had already left because the pool was freezing cold, so the remaining super-nice man helped her into the hot tub to try and loosen the seized muscles.  He also made sure she was OK enough to drive home. 
This is what Linda wants to get Tierney for Christmas.

A night of prayer, icing, heating and anti-informatory drugs helped.  This morning she can walk and move, but she is slightly bent over and can't straighten up all the way.  The pain is just a hard, dull ache, but she hasn't tried bending all the way over or twisting yet. She only got volunteers for two of her three classes today (thanks Kelly and Laura) so she is responsible for teaching the one that no one offered to cover.   No joke, she is going to be sitting in a chair calling out the moves.  She is not risking hurting herself further and having to be out of work for weeks. 
So true! 

Since pictures of her crooked, bent and swollen back would be boring, we just posted some saved pictures from our library.

Tierney and her BFF Lindsay.  Two amazingly beautiful girls.