Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Healing (and the) Ring

The repair man came to fix our broken cable TV reception this afternoon.  He was very proficient and quick in finding the problem.  It was a broken cable in the garage attic.  All the times repair man have come to our house trying to fix it, he was the first one to actually pinpoint the issue.  So far, the reception is perfect and it seems to have done the trick.

You may be wondering why there hasn't been any food pictures on the blog lately.  Linda is still cooking, but its just the same things she always makes.  Roasted veggies, grains, fish and Mediterranean dips.. oh, and baking. Today she made apple spice caramel bars.  She followed the recipe exactly, and they just didn't taste right.  She feels bad about throwing them away, but unless you LOVE sweet, sweet, super sweet desserts, they are inedible.  Well, not really inedible.  Linda ate a chuck of it and now her teeth are hurting. 
Maybe if she scrapes off the icing and caramel bites it would be better. 

OK, long amazing story next:  Linda had an incredible answer to prayer last night!  She still gets goose pimples when she thinks of what happened.  Last Thursday, she smashed the outside of her right hand.  The ring finger and pinky finger were double their normal size and black and blue.  Some of the bruising went away, but her finger was still gigantic a week later.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but she was wearing her Mom's antique wedding ring on the sprained finger.  The ring was cutting into the swollen skin and rubbing it raw.  It was so tight that she couldn't even spin the ring and her finger was bluish.  During Wednesday night prayer, she was crying a little bit thinking she would have to have the cherished ring cut off by a jeweler.  She could barely bend her finger and it was pretty painful.  Instead, she prayed that God would take the swelling away so she could get the ring off.  Not like next week, but right then!  Even though the finger didn't change size, she kept believing it was healed.  

When she got home from church, she remembered that she prayed for healing.  She looked at her finger and it was still gigantic.  For some reason, she felt like she should just believe anyway and take the ring off.  Totally impossibly since the ring didn't change size and neither did her finger. Except nothing is impossible for God because as she gently pulled,  the ring seemed to grow and it smoothly slid off over her knuckle!  
Last night after God took the ring off. You can still see the mangled finger and the grooves the ring made in Linda's finger.

Look how small the ring is that came off the giant finger!   Linda was expecting God to heal her finger, not make a solid gold ring swell and then go back to normal size!
God doesn't always answer prayer the way we think it should but His ways are better than ours! This is from 24 hours after it came off,  She was just checking that the ring was still small and the knuckle busted up.  Yep.

Nothing is too hard for God!  If Linda was the person reading about this on a strangers blog, she might not believe the story either... but it happened exactly like she told it.  No using ice cubes, oil, or Vaseline, to get it to come off.  God just released if from her finger.  Maybe like a camel flying through the eye of a needle, yeh?