Saturday, November 2, 2013


The last year has been one of change for Linda.  She's gotten so much healthier with her eating; she's lost weight; her knees and back feel 90% better; she is starting to love running; she discovered she LOVES to cook and she most importantly, has discovered a peace and contentment she has never had before.  All of those things are positive.  She also found out she is a nemophilist.  That is someone who loves the solitude of the woods. 

Two weird things have developed.  One is her motion sickness.  She was the queen of roller coasters and loved amusement parks.  Now she gets queasy with the slightest spins or turns. It's also hard for her to ride in the backseat of cars.  The second weird thing, she has gotten a little claustrophobic.  She first noticed it when she was checking her blood pressure at the grocery store.  When the cuff tightened and she felt like she was trapped, she got a little sweaty-nervous.  Then one of the bathroom doors at Gold's stuck shut, and she had to struggle a bit to get it open the other day.  Again, her heart raced a bit. 

Tonight, Linda had to stop to get gas on her way out.  The automatic pumper turner-offer didn't stop and gas spilled out on to the ground, her jeans and foot.  (Not good 7-11) She cleaned up the best she could and stopped at the drive-thru car wash on the way back home since the side of the car was gas soaked.  As soon as she pulled into the car wash, the doors shut and the sprayer started pulsing... 4 times total! She couldn't have driven out if she wanted to.  The slight panic feeling started again.  Not an over the top panic attack, but definitely an uncomfortable feeling. Guess she won't be going on any spinning, tilting rides where she has to be buckled in tight anytime soon. 

Linda baked the most unusual bread today.  It's a fresh basil/lemon loaf.  I know, weird combination of flavors but it gets 4 1/2 stars.
Two desserts in one day.. bet lace up those running shoes tomorrow Linda!
It would have gotten 5, but she didn't have a lemon zester tool so she had to use a cheese grater to do the lemons.  It was taking forever, so she didn't get the whole 3 Tablespoons. You can taste the lemon, but a little more would have been perfect.  Next purchase: a lemon zester.

Since she had so much fresh basil, she made a marinade of roasted garlic, dry chili paste, olive oil and minced basil to marinate her tofu for tomorrows lunch. She'll probably flash fry it on the stove top and serve it over brown rice.  Don't you wish you were invited to lunch?  Especially since you could choose between apple cobbler or lemon basil loaf for dessert!
Thai Tofu: extra spicy