Thursday, November 14, 2013

Like This!

  Every Thursday Linda usually spends time with Penny, but she had prior plans with Mommy and Daddy being cool and eating fun food. 
"I missed seeing you today Nana!  I'll tell you all about it this weekend."
Instead, Linda met her very good friend Cris for brunch after her morning class.
They were laughing about taking a "selfie"
There is an article getting passed around the internet about people being so "Look at me! I'm so cute! Like my FB status!" and posting stickers on their cars announcing "Look how far I can run!" It was pretty funny, especially reading the comments about how mad it made some of the readers.  Linda is always writing about her cooking like she is some great TV cooking star and bragging about her 3 mile runs.  Really, its pretty funny and so true.  She doesn't want any kudos or Wows! aren't you special, especially since 3 miles is a warm-up for most runners.  But why else do a blog or update your FB status unless you want attention?  (She says this blog is a way to keep a fun record of the last 6 years of our lives and not for back-pats.  Sure....)

She may not be a TV chef, but she is a blogger so she has to post what she ate for dinner:
Monday's roasted veggies mixed with quinoa and vegetable broth. Be jealous Rachel Ray.
While it was simmering, she baked some yummy breads.  A few weeks ago she made the lemon/basil bread and a few days later the pumpkin-chocolate chip loaf.  It was much easier making them one at a time.  Doing them both at once and having to wash bowls and beaters in-between so the tastes didn't mix was annoying.  Plus, the $8 lemon zester she bought was a waste of money.  Either she has no clue on how to zest a lemon or the tool was inferior.  If she is going to keep making the bread, she also needs a basil chopper since it takes so long to mince it with a knife.  I wish there was an app that could let you smell how wonderful the kitchen smells right now.  (Linda read that there actually is a way that DVD's can be infused with scents of pizza or popcorn to go along with the ads before the movie. As your DVD player heats up, the smells waft into your living room.)
Why did the lemon loaf sink and the pumpkin loaf burst open?