Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm OK and The Sky's the Limit

I know you must have been worried that I was a victim of our scary hawk when I didn't post yesterday.  Everything is fine.  Linda has just not been in the den the last few days.  The laptop lives in the den (she knows it can travel to other rooms, but she never moves around the house.)  Since we haven't really had any TV cable reception the last 2 weeks, she has been reading more and not in our "media center."  

Here is what you missed yesterday in case you didn't look up in the sky!

So amazing, so beautiful... just breathtaking.  Linda actually didn't take these, they are from three different FB friends pages.  While she was teaching TKD, she turned out all the lights in the Do Jang and had the kids all go to the floor to ceiling windows (they are on the second floor so they had a perfect view) and they all "Ooohhed & Aaahed." 

Penelope loved the weekly Thursday train ride today more than usual.  She just discovered the Thomas the Train show, so she kept calling the engine Thomas!  I'm sure the conductor woman sees 100's of kids a day but I could tell she was enjoying Penny's clapping and laughing when she rang the bell and did the "choo-choo."  Usually the mall has a kids band on Thursday mornings, but they weren't playing today.  Penelope kept saying "music, Nana.. music" after the train ride (she remembered from past times) and was puzzled why they weren't there when they got to the food court. "Where go, Nana.. music???" Its crazy that she is talking so much and she is only 18 months old.

After Linda's classes tonight she took Chim out for a run.  He did pretty well, especially since it was dark and windy.  He ran for a long time with only two near tripping episodes.  She dropped him back home and went out for the second 1/2 of her run.  Remember, Linda is not a runner.  Not ever.  She has run a few times in the past, but always super slow and she would have to take walking breaks.  Now she feels so great running.  All her training has been on streets with names that contain the words Hill, Valley, Ford, or trail running.  That means hills and different surfaces.  Yesterday she ran inside on the treadmill and it felt so easy!  She googled "treadmill running" when she got home and found out it is 16% easier than road running. No wonder.  (All the regular runners who read this blog are going Duh! right now.  It's just not something Linda ever thought about so it was surprising.)

If Chimi would go this fast during their practice runs, she would be winning marathons in no time! Tierney told her tonight that she would run with Linda in the annual Brain Tumor race she does in DC.  Linda's done it for a lot of years and never was able to run the whole time.  This year, they are going to both finish strong!!