Sunday, November 24, 2013

What we are watching...part 2

Last Thursday and (the two weeks before that too) a cable repair man came to "fix" our cable TV reception.  As previously reported, the guy on Thursday was the first one to actually figure out the issue was in the attic garage and replaced the broken parts.  He made fun of all the other guys who weren't very good at their jobs and he even boasted a bit on how much better he was.  Except he wasn't. Last night Linda tried to turn on the downstairs Fred Flintstone TV (the only one that actually worked during the 2-3 week outage upstairs) and now that one says "no data" and does not get reception!  She is getting to be quite a pro on trying to troubleshoot what could be wrong but all the DIY tips didn't restore the service.  REALLY Cox Cable?  You have one job, to provide cable reception to people paying a lot of $$ and you can't get it right.  Now Linda has to go through the whole 20 minute hold for an agent process, schedule a time where she can be home for 3 hours waiting for them to come and then probably, find out her upstairs TV's don't work when he leaves.  I guess Linda should have asked him to check the reception on that set before he left, but since it was working when he got there it didn't cross her mind.  She is going to ask Taylor to draft an official "I better get a few free months" email because my service has been stinky. 

Linda is going to the gym to run (maybe with Tierney and Taylor!) before church.  It is 23 degrees out right now.  Linda is the person at church who wears her coat AND has a big blanket to cover her lap and legs during service.  If she ran outside, she would have to buy this to wear in church or she would be an ice cube when Pastor says "Turn and face the person next to you and say....."