Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Say Cheese

Our road work continues.  They started pretty early this morning, but we had already been up and attended to our morning toiletries before the loud trucks roared their engines.  Linda was hoping her sleep schedule would adjust by now, but she is still on the old time, not the daylight savings time.  Getting up has never been a problem for Linda.  The issue is falling and staying asleep during the night.  Ever since she can remember she has battled insomnia, probably back into grade school. 

"I'm saying Cheese Nana, can't you tell!"
Penny and Sarah met Linda for lunch today at Panera bread.  They were lucky to get the table right in front of the real-but-fake fireplace. Penny loves fireplaces.  "Hot, Nana, Hot"  (referring to the warm fire, not how Nana looks.) It's a good thing they sat there because today was 20 degrees below the normal temperature for mid November.  Penny does this new cheesy-smile for the camera when you tell her to smile.  This is her real "I'm the happiest toddler on the planet smile"
Pie! Pie! I love pie!!
We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that the weather will cooperate for our annual Thanksgiving hike.  Linda has been doing it for a long time, back when she just had Good Ole' Snickers.  They would go for hours in the woods of a National park near our house.  Holiday mornings are the best time to hike since she loves the solitude.  For safety, she did text Taylor updates on what parts of the trails she was on just in case.  Last year she carried me in the front pack and Chimi did the whole hike.  She is probably going to leave me home this year and just take him. 
This shot is from another girls blog who hikes the same trails.  Linda spends some time on the rocks, but mostly back in the deep woods.  Remember last year we got totally lost and Linda had to hike to a road and go to someones house to find out where they were?  She was so afraid that we wouldn't make it back to the car park area before it closed at 5 p.m.  She was hoping to have her GPS watch by Thanksgiving, but that just isn't happening.  She'll just have to do better studying the trails before we leave.  Linda has never, ever been one to enjoy eating on Thanksgiving.  It's always been a get out and do something kind of day for her.  After everyone is done with the big meal and eating 20,000 calories, she'll hang out and fellowship with them while Taylor watches football and Penny reads her princess book.

Don't think Linda doesn't like to eat, she does.. but just not in big groups where there is 20x too much food being served.  Tonight, the roasted veggies she made Monday were delicious.  Linda took flat-bread and melted cheese and Pesto under the broiler, then topped it with some of the roasted vegetables. A side of guacamole and some crunchy green grapes made the perfect dinner.