Monday, November 25, 2013

It's a Bird, It's a Plane..

It's the US Navy blimp!  The blimp flew right over Linda's head today as she was leaving the library. Everyone stopped to look at it and take pictures. When she got home, she googled the blimp to see why it was in the area.  Its called the MZ-3A blimp and is part of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.  She especially loved reading the part where it said: "What the blimp was doing in the area is unknown."   A secret mission (or maybe just a wrong turn and they were lost.)

When Linda got home from teaching Pump and Combat (and stopping to return some books) she decided to layer-up and run her miles outside instead of going back to the gym this afternoon to use the treadmill.  Once she got going, she warmed up enough to be comfortable. The trick is to keep running and not stop to walk.  Her feet are the only thing that froze.  She needs to buy some winter running socks and not the little white shorty socks she usually wears. 
Ohhh... these would be perfect!

After running, she went to see the Hunger Games movie.  It was good, but not the oh-my-gosh-I-would-see-it-four-times good.  There were definitely some touching moments and great special effects.  What was super creepy was watching the scary parts alone.  Not only just that she went alone to the movies, she was totally alone... the only person in the entire theater (and it was a giant theater!)
Not really, going to the movies alone is better.  You don't have to share your popcorn.