Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Waking up

Imagine if you got to wake up every morning and came face-to-face with this much cuteness?  This is what Linda gets to see as soon as she opens the bedroom door.  I'm not crazy about her turning on the light to take a picture, but I'm always smiling and happy to see her.  She knows now to have the iPhone ready just in case I'm doing an adorable pose.  And yes, I still need to get a haircut. 

Chimi gave Linda a little scare earlier.  He was sound asleep on her lap having a really bad dream.  Between the sleep growling and leg kicking, she was afraid he would wake up startled and lunge at her.  Linda has read stories about totally submissive, tame dogs coming out of a deep sleep and acting crazy.  She sang him little songs to slowly wake him up.  This is his sleepy I just woke up face.

Do you really have to point that camera in my eye?