Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trail Fail

Farro is a very interesting food.  It kind of looks like small brown popcorn kernels that are cut in half.  The consistency is really firm after its cooked.  Linda can't even describe the taste but it complemented the crock-pot vegetables quite nicely.
 If she added some vegetable stock, she could turn this into a soup.  It won't be something she makes all the time because the cutting up of the veggies takes forever and honestly, the smell of cooking vegetables for 4 hours isn't her favorite thing. 

Right this very minute there is an apple cobbler with crumbled oat topping cooking in the crock pot.  No cutting calories on this recipe.  Full fat butter, real sugar (white and brown), 8 apples (cored, peeled and sliced) and lots of other cobblerish things.  It was one of those 5 star recipes you see online that everyone raves about.  She followed it exactly with no variations.  The vanilla ice cream is patiently waiting in the freezer until the cobbler is done... then they will become one (in Linda's belly.)

The weather is so amazing today; the absolute perfect fall day.  Linda took Chimi out for a long hike on our very own trail that is seconds from our house.  They took their time and explored all the wooded deer paths and even blazed some of their own.  He was perfect the entire walk.  He didn't hesitate a second on 5 different stream crossings.
The first few steps are big rocks, but he jumped right up and scampered across.  It's a good thing because Linda won't carry him.  Years ago she fell in the water on one of the crossings and doesn't want a repeat. 

You can see that the leaves are almost all off the trees already.  It was still one of her favorite walks ever though.  Our woods are so quite and peaceful, you hardly ever see another person.  Linda's been on those trails almost 30 years, so she knows some "paths less traveled" including one she calls the Blackberry Trail.  It goes a long ways deep into the woods and if you time it right, you can come out with a quart of berries.  (She learned the hard way:  You MUST wear long sleeves to go berry picking!)  Probably the majority of the afternoon was spent off the real trail.  At the very end when she was leaving the woods she saw this sign:
Major trail fail deer management people!!
First off, Linda hates that they are killing our deer. And secondly, if you are going to be shooting arrows around in the woods, maybe more than one sign would be a good idea.  Oh, and one that is not posted when you are leaving the woods!  Plus, Linda was wearing a fall color plaid shirt that camouflaged with the woods perfectly.  I'm so glad she didn't get shot with a stray arrow!


Crock pot Apple Cobbler is a win!  Linda didn't wait for it to cool and it melted her vanilla ice cream a little (but isn't that the point of hot apples and cold ice cream?)  Reviews said it is really good cold too.  She'll let you know tomorrow!