Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Unrelated Pictures

"What happened to the extra hour of sleep?"
Linda found me like this when she turned on the hall light this morning.  It's a good thing she was carrying her iPhone out of the bedroom or she wouldn't have got this picture of me just peeking out from under my covers.  Both Chimi and I love to be under a blanket at night. 

Linda took a "selfie" (is that how you spell it?) this morning to look at her hair.  She is seriously considering cutting it a lot shorter.  It's actually longer than this because it's curled in this photo.  Maybe shoulder length?  Her bangs are finally long enough to put in a ponytail so she won't be trimming those.

The first attempt at Thai Tofu was good but only about 1/2 the spiciness she likes.  The leftovers will be getting hot sauce.  Next time she cooks it she is going to drench it in flour and fry it in oil, but the basic sauce was right.

Tonight is the skit at church, "Back to the Future." Tierney has been very secretive about the whole production, but she did Instagram this shot from rehearsal earlier today.  It looks like they'll be going back to the roaring 20's. 

Penny having a quite moment at the church pond