Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chimster Wheel

"That's one cute puppy looking back at me!"
There wasn't any outside walking or running today because Linda seriously wimped out since it was cold.  The middle of the day wasn't as freezing, but the only time she could have taken us was in the early morning or late night.  She enjoys running, but is definitely a fair weather runner. You won't be seeing her running in the rain or temperatures under 40 degrees. (So she says now.  Who knows if she'll actually turn into a real runner in the future?)  She did run a quick 2.5 miles before her morning classes on the treadmill at the gym.  It's a fancy treadmill with a TV, iPod docking station, radio and other features she doesn't use.  She just presses "quick start" and runs for fun.  There are no splits, laps, inclines, sprints or speed work.  Tomorrow its supposed to hit 60 degrees, so she will be going out on the trail since its her almost day off. (Only 3 classes to teach, and 2 of them are easy.)
The Chimster Wheel
If there ever was a dog that needs a hamster wheel, it is Chimi.  If she could train him how to use it and not be afraid, he would have the time of his life!

Sarah sent Linda the cutest picture of Penny sleeping in her car seat today.  Look at those long legs!  She is only 19 months old but looks about 3 in this picture. She takes after her long-tall Daddy, that's for sure. 
Sweet Dreams Lil' Penny