Saturday, November 23, 2013

Play Date

Who needs fancy toys?
We had a surprise visitor today!  Linda picked Penelope up after work and bought her back to our house for some "pup" time.  The time went by fast and they kept so busy.  Penny helped Linda fold laundry (she actually picks each piece up and softly puts it down in a new spot); they watched one of her favorite shows (which Penny napped through); ate dinner; read books; and played with her favorite toy... the wicker coasters.  Ever since she could walk Penny has loved the coasters.  For about 45 minutes they threw them all over the house.  One time Penny hit Linda in the chest with a coaster and yelled " OH....Good One!!"  They were both laughing so hard.  When Taylor and Sarah came over, she wanted to keep playing with them. 
Good One!!