Friday, November 1, 2013

A Typical Friday

Our neighborhood is so beautiful in the fall.  The changing seasons, sunsets, sunrises, blue skies, thunder & lightening all remind Linda of God's glory.  The fall colors and leaves are one of her favorite things.  She could look at this tree across the street from our house all day long.  The iPhone just doesn't do the color justice.  BTW, that fire-hydrant is one of our favorite sniffing stops.

Penny was playing outside today (yes, it was 70 degrees and beautiful on November 1st!) and stepped in a mud pile by accident.  Sarah said she was crying "FOOT Mommy.. FOOT!"  For such a tough little girl, she is very prissy about getting dirty or messy.

Chimi didn't want to take his nap today.  He refused to lay down but he couldn't keep his eyes open he was so tired.  Linda was giggling watching his head bob up and down as he nodded off. 

"I must stay awake.. I must stay awake.."
Linda made roasted vegetables in the crock pot tonight. She is going to mix them with the farro.  She has to stay awake for another hour so she can take them out and put them in the fridge.  They smell amazing and she can't wait until tomorrows lunch!