Monday, November 11, 2013

Road Repairs

Our neighborhood has big doin's this week.  They are tearing up all the streets and putting down new blacktop.  Today was the first day and the work was right in front of our house. Chimi wasn't too happy about running this afternoon.  There were giant trucks lined up on the curb waiting to collect the tar that the big tractor scraper was tearing up.  Plus, the smell was horrible.  He kept a good pace for 20 minutes, but then started flipping out when the trucks all revved up their engines. Linda had to bring him back home so she could finish safely. Look at what was waiting for her when she went out on the deck to cool down and stretch.
Such a pretty sunset!  Not as brilliant as last week, but Linda loved the cloud formation. 

After her morning classes today, Linda met Tier and her sweet housemate Danielle for lunch and some Target shopping.  
Danielle, Tierney and Lindsay, beautiful inside and out!
Linda's big chore today was cleaning out the refrigerator.  It's her least favorite job and one that she doesn't do often enough.  There were some veggies that where on their last day, so she cut them all up.  The marinade was made up of sun-dried tomatoes, bruschetta, roasted garlic, Italian seasoning and olive oil.  All ready for the oven...
She forgot to take a photo when they came out and she didn't taste them yet, but they looked delicious.  She made little freezer bags of individual servings to eat through the next few weeks.
My favorite spot in the world