Friday, November 22, 2013

Sheba Memories

Linda was going through some older pictures and found this one of Sheba.  She was the cutest puppy, but the most strong-willed dog to ever live.  Siberian Huskies are known for their independence and rebellion, but Linda didn't do her homework before she decided that was the dog she wanted.  Snickers was a few years old and needed a playmate and a friend had a litter of pups.  Boy, she got more than they bargained for!  Sheba was a beautiful dog and very sweet in her temperament.  She never bit or growled in an angry way.

 She would actually talk back to Linda whenever she was corrected.  Sheba always had to have the last word (or wolf howl in her case) in any situation.  She was also allergic to grass.  See that bare fur spot on her side?  She had to go to the vet weekly for a special allergy dip to try and combat her skin condition.  Sheba escaped our backyard by digging under the fence, going over the fence and actually chewing through the wood slats to make a hole big enough to escape.  Eventually, Linda had an electric cattle fence put around the yard perimeter to deter her from going close to it.  The yellow wire holders are still up on parts of our fence today! Linda blocked out the number of times she had to bail her out of the pound or drive 5 miles away to rescue her from someone who found her in their yard.  One night she dug under the fence and ran a mile away to a persons yard who was grilling steaks on their deck!  The man was giving her bites of food keeping her on the deck until Linda got there.  She also HATED to sleep inside the house at night during the winter.  Linda had to drag her by the scruff of the neck out of her doghouse.  She loved the snow and freezing weather!  Sheba also wanted to eat our cats, but Chip and Licorice were both able to scare her into submission with one swat of their paw.   It was a sad day when Sheba got deathly sick from a septic blood infection.  The vet said that there was a good chance that even a transfusion and surgery wouldn't save her, so she went to dog heaven.  

She is probably reunited with Snickers and creating havoc wherever she goes.  I never met her, but if Snickers liked her, I would have too.