Friday, November 1, 2013

Carry Me

This could be a made-up joke and there really isn't a cat belt, but Linda is hoping that it is true.  This is my all time favorite position to lay in.  Since I was a newborn puppy, I love to be carried like a baby.  It would need to be a little longer to support my head though.  If Linda had this belt, she could carry me this way on long walks instead of this:
The stroller sling
for car and vet trips
Front pack.  This is the day the deer crossed 4 feet in front of us.  I was so scared!
The only way to travel in the winter is tucked inside Linda's coat
When I'm inside, it just looks like a regular tote (but it has a furry bottom and mesh sides.)  Linda uses it for shopping and quick trips to Target when I'm in the car with her.  I don't remember why I'm in a pillow sled though. 
There are probably 20 more ways she carries me around, but Linda is terrible at organizing her photos so she can't find them.  I do walk on my own, but with my asthma and bad knees/hip joints I can only do short outings.  Plus, I'm so tiny that people could step on my in busy places.