Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Back

"I'm scared"
The hawk is back.  Maybe its the same hawk from last year that took up residence on our fence.  Linda saw him swooping over our yard and house twice today. This is not good for 5 pound Chorkies that look suspiciously like a rodent.  Linda is making sure she lets Chimi out the same time as I go out so he can be a deterrent.  I don't think a hawk would swoop down and get me with him speeding around the backyard.  This photo is from google, its not our hawk. Linda's iPhone doesn't take this kind of picture.
"I'm hungry for a Chi-Chi Chalupa!!"
DON'T google hawk attacks because you will be scared.  They are truly frightening birds.  I'm all for Linda adopting another large Snicker size dog to keep me safe.  How much harder could taking care of 3 dogs be?