Monday, September 16, 2013

Where, oh where has my little dog gone?

Or where or where can it be?  (That's a song Linda remembers from when she was little, but that's the only two lines she remembers.)

It's hard to update the blog if Linda doesn't turn on the laptop so there hasn't been any new posts.  The last two days, she has only checked her email for work related matters and to check and see if Sarah sent any Penelope photos.  No reading other blogs, news, recipes or Pintrest.  The hours not at church or teaching shes spending studying.  Linda feels like she is back in school.  There are 5 different things she is studying at once: The textbook for her exam this weekend (Is it the right atrium or ventricle?  Is it scapula abduction or retraction?  How many phosphate molecules break off for ADP to be made?) During breaks, she is studying her new Body Combat and Body Pump releases.  She is also relearning 2 old releases that she is going to start teaching the classes this week.  All that equals headaches behind her eyes.
The headaches could be from too much coffee, concentrating too hard, lack of sleep or eye strain, but she is really hoping they go away today.  Our poor grass is looking terrible, the house chores are getting ignored and she hasn't cooked anything other than reheat whats in the fridge all weekend.  After Sunday, all she has to do is concentrate on the two new releases, so it will be way easier.  How does Taylor work a full time job, take care of his little family, stay involved at church, workout like a beast and study for his Masters degree all at the same time? 
"And Taylor doesn't even drink coffee!"