Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not the best of mornings

Warning:  Don't read this if you are eating or have a weak stomach

There hasn't been a morning in as long as Linda remembers that she hasn't woken up happy.  Since she loves our house, loves being home and feels blessed beyond measure; starting the day is never hard.  There are mornings when shes tired, but it goes away after a few minutes of being up.  Today the first 35 minutes were awful.  Terrible.  Not good.  A disaster.  As bad as it was for Linda, it was 10x worse for me.  Remember that "great" discounted dog food she picked up at the store last night?  Um... maybe she knows why it was discounted now.  During the night, I had a serious case of diarrhea.  Not just in one spot; but equally spread out in the hallway; dining room and living room.  Plus, the fur on my tail and backside was coated and matted with big chunks of dried..... You get my drift?  I guess Linda can be thankful it was all on the hardwood and not the carpet.  I also got all three of my beds smeared and dirtied.  Chimi was sick too, but he held it until he got outside at 6:30.  Linda is making some plain rice to add with a little chicken to try and calm our stomachs.

There will be no pictures of the mess. (There are blogs that would add detailed photos, but we won't subject you to that.)  Linda is going to return the remaining 9 cans.  At .33 cents a can that is a $2.97 plus tax refund.  There goes her perfect $55.55 grocery bill.

If that wasn't enough, she went into the hall bathroom to start getting ready and had the snot scared out of her.  There was this huge bug creature flitting about into the mirror and light fixture.  She could tell by looking at it that it wasn't a biting bug, but there was no way she was going to try and wrangle it outside.  While she was teaching, PW came over to trap it and let it outside.  It was just a praying mantis.  Linda thought they were green and didn't know they changed colors. It was trying to blend with our bathroom walls!

The day got better after that. Her 9:30 class is Kid Fit.  How can you not be happy playing with 15 kids age 3-5?  It is seriously a blast to teach.  Today a 4-year old did a dozen push-ups on his toes in Marine Core form.  A 5-year old held a perfect tree pose & chair pose never losing her balance once. 
Do you like our butterfly pose?
After class, the day got even better.  It's Penny day!  Linda kept her occupied the whole time.  They went in the pool; did a long stroller walk; set up a play farm; read books and watched a show about some Bubble Guppies.  (The Bubble Guppies seem to live in the ocean, but can also swim in the air to go to the grocery store up on an island so they can make a turkey sandwich. Weird.  Penny loved them though.)  When Linda turned off the TV, she shouted "oh no"- "" 
"Not my best angle Nana"
If Sarah ever wants to go back to work, she should be a kindergarten teacher.  Look at this perfect printing!
Penny sat in the chalk and got her pretty dress all stained.  Since when does kids chalk stain clothes?