Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Only 3 more study days

I know...I need another hair cut
This is a terrible blurry picture because Linda was laughing when she took it.  Both Chimi and I eat our suppers in separate bathrooms.  We don't do well eating in the same room, so for as long as we've been together, she has fed us like this.  My bowl used to be facing the gold wall, but now I refuse to eat out of it unless it's facing this way.  When it is facing the wall that means my back is to the door.  If my back is to the door, I can's see if Chimi is sneaking up on me to eat my food.  For awhile, Linda couldn't figure out why I kept crying and refusing to eat.  The second she turned the bowl so I could glance into the hall, all was good. 

Chimi is all like "What??"  Don't I have a wide chest for such a little body?
Jerry bought a friend with him tonight to take us for our walk.  Two people are so much better because one can hold Chimi's leash and go faster, and I can walk slower at my own pace.  Linda's glad they took us earlier because Tuesday night is rest night.  She did feel amazing in Body Combat tonight.  Tons of energy and no pain anywhere.  Yay!  The heater was broken in the pool so she just taught the next class from the pool deck.  When she teaches in the cold water, it takes her hours to get warm after.  Her feet and hands are still freezing when she gets in bed.  
Just riding the noodle
Linda has to get back to studying for her certification.  Its starting to all come together and make sense.  By this weekend, all the information better be in her head so she passes her tests.  By Monday, it will all go away and be replaced with other stuff she has to memorize.  Who really thinks about the Creatine Phosphate System; ATP and Lactic Acid when they are working out?  Not Linda.