Friday, September 27, 2013

So cute

So cute....
This is Chimi's "Don't make me go to bed" pleading look.  At night he waits on the Big Bed while Linda is brushing her teeth and getting her pj's on.  He knows that she'll be telling him to go into his room to sleep.  Each night he makes the cutest faces to try and tempt her into leaving him out.  For about 3 weeks she tried to let him sleep with her but it wasn't working.  He has to be pressed up against her body and whenever she moved, he would come up to her face and investigate if she was OK.

I obey and get right into my own bed in the hallway as soon as she says "bedtime."  Linda tucks me in with one of her old tee shirt as my blanket.  I'll usually still be in the same position in the morning when she wakes up.
even cuter....
Chimi's not chewing this new bed anymore, but Linda caught him sucking on my favorite furry bed today.  What is up with him and his nursing/gnawing/sucking issues?  He's a grown-up dog now, not a little puppy.  He ate a bunch of lawn weed-stems last night and has had green poop & vomit all day today.  Nice going Chim.  Maybe you should stick to eating just dog treats and cuddling with your own blanket.

Linda had a very interesting shopping trip to Walmart today.  The lady checking out in front of her argued with the cashier over each of the approximately 50 items in her cart.  When the cashier would scan the item, the woman would say "NO, that's supposed to be $5.97" or some other price she seemed to have exactly memorized.  When the Walmart worker said it would be whatever the scan said, the woman would get all mad and say she didn't want it.  There was a huge pile of merchandise  on the side of the register the woman didn't buy.  The cashier was totally professional and didn't once lose her temper or give the woman who tried to yard-sale bargain any lip or attitude. She treated the whole thing like it was totally a normal part of her day.  (Maybe it is..)

..but the cutest by far!!!
Imagine how happy Linda was to come home to find some of her favorite people waiting at her house!  Don't you just love all of Penny's "I'm so brave and not afraid to try anything" bumps and scratches??