Wednesday, September 11, 2013

$55.55 & Kettle Bells

Wednesday just flew by.  It feels like 2 minutes ago when Linda woke us up to start the day.  The hot, humid weather is back for a few days, so we didn't take a walk yesterday or today.  We'll make up for it Thurs-Sun when it's supposed to get cooler.  Linda planned on taking Chimi after work last night and then again after church tonight.  Neither worked out.  Tuesday night she was d o n e; and tonight she just got home from grocery shopping after church.  Linda loves it when she uses things up; but doesn't like it when the item is gone when she really needs it or wants to eat it.  Every day for the last 2 months she has had a Greek yogurt with fruit for breakfast.  She was totally out of both.  She's also been on a mini tomato kick called Cherubs.  The labels says they are heavenly, but she wouldn't go that far. The little tomatoes have been making their way into every recipe she has cooked.  Plus Giant Food had the BOGO deal!

It does look like their is a heavenly halo over the tomato, so maybe??
 There was also some great deals in the "dented; almost out of date; nobody wants this stuff" aisle.  Our favorite dog food was marked down to .33 cents a can. (How do you type a cent sign?)  She got enough food for us all for one week for $55.55.  Linda loves numbers, so paying $55.55 made her happy.

In two weekends Linda has to take a certification workshop for work.  She is actually testing for two:  Another primary Group Exercise and a specialty kettle bell cert.  Swinging Kettle Bells around looks like fun, but its hard work.  The registration said to BYOKB to class, she doesn't have one.  The workshops and exams cost almost $400 and the text book over $50, so as of now.. there better be one to borrow.   She'll have to stay up some really late studying since the test is the 22nd and she just ordered to book today. At least she'll be in her pj's doing reading.